Benefits of Sleeping With Silk

Silk is an ancient beauty secret that has been used for over 5000 years.  Natural proteins found in silk assist in speeding up the metabolism of skin cells, helping to reduce the signs of ageing. It boasts a smooth, friction free texture allowing your hair and skin to glide without tugging and abrasion.  Silk is the most hygienic of all fabrics. It’s natural, breathable and hypo-allergenic qualities regulate temperature and ward off dust mites and bacteria.


Waking up with visible creases on your face from your regular pillow? Then this is another reason to try the silk alternative. Silk pillowcases reduce your skins puffiness in the morning and help prevent wrinkles that form overnight. They don’t pull or crease your skin while you sleep and feel beautifully smooth and soft. Ultimately they are the perfect night time skin routine, helping maintain the texture of your skin over time.


I know what you may be thinking – how can a pillowcase soften my skin? It works by absorbing less of your skins natural fluids than your regular pillow, meaning that your night creams or oils will soak into your skin and not into your pillow. It's a great tip for those of us with dry, dehydrated skin! Furthermore, it won't rub or irritate your skin.


Silk is the most hygienic material to be used as bedding due to its resistance to dust mites and other common bacteria. Because of this, it is hypoallergenic and great for reducing sniffles and irritation. Troubled breathing and skin allergies are often caused by bacteria in your bedding, so it might be time to remove your down comforter and cotton pillowcases!


This luxurious fabric has been said to work wonders for all types of hair. We're all prone to being knotty, static and frizzy after a good nights sleep! By using a regular cotton pillow it tugs on your hair and makes these problems worse, whereas a silk pillow will allow your hair to slide easily as you sleep. This helps elongate your blow dry and is perfect for girls with curly hair who want to keep their wild hair tamed!


Pure Mulberry silk bedding can last upwards of 10 years if cared for properly. Silk is the strongest natural textile in the world making it easy to care for, and a great investment for both your health and long lasting value. Depending on your weave, certain silk bedding may last longer than others. However, we only offer the highest quality and use 22 MOMME Charmeuse Mulberry silk.


For women going through menopause, there’s nothing more familiar than the feeling of a sudden hot flash, caused by fluctuating hormones. Opting for silk pyjamas or sheets is a great breathable and light option to cool down at night.

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