Our passion for silk began during a family trip to China, where we visited silk museums, manufacturers and various stores. 


The luxurious feel of this sensual fabric was mesmerising and we became fascinated by the many benefits silk has to offer. Extending our trip, we set about researching and sourcing the best quality silks in China, a country renowned for it’s silk production with a history stretching back 6,000 years. 


Our vision is to spread the culture of silk so that you can enjoy the benefits as much as we do. Our products are small luxuries essential for a happy and healthy life.

Our aim is to nurture the soul by living well, enjoying the company of good friends, traveling, eating good food, looking good and feeling great. 

Inspire your senses with the sheer loveliness and luxury of pure silk against your skin. By sleeping on a BlissSilk pillowcase you will wake up well rested and feeling beautiful. At BlissSilk we pride ourselves on delivering the most sensational products made from pure silk.

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